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Meet Me As An Onion 🤔

So you really want to know how this all started? Well, it was  dark and cramped. I couldn't even stretch out my foot. Yes, I’m in my mums belly. “You were a happy child Kez”, that's what my mum always told me, every time I asked her how I was when young. 

When I look back I always remember laughing. I literally would laugh all the way to the floor, holding my belly. Believe me when I say, I can just laugh for the sake of it. I love being happy, and I guess this is why I love making others happy too.

I’m Kheri-Ann Wiggins (I never spell my name with the dash lol), A writer, Business owner, Psychology Undergraduate, Singer and more; as I learn about myself. 

It’s actually very hard to answer the question ‘who are you?’. Is this based on your achievements? In that case I would say I’m the CEO of @deargirlsltd, a female, personal development brand. Or is the answer based on your personality? In this case I would say I’m bubbly, loving, organised, very creative and intelligent. To me the real answer is a mixture. My core is built up of key traits, not all positive (but i’m working on this). Let me introduce you to each layer of me using a metaphor 

Imagine I am an onion, yes I know it’s a weird thought, but follow me. 

  1. The Cliché layer. - this is the layer everyone sees, the small talk layer that we all have. “Hey, how are you Sis.. stay safe!”. This layer relates to the people we don’t really know. I seem to have a lot of these conversations on instagram. 

  2. The Role layer- this is the layer that relates to our occupation. People see me as the CEO of Dear Girls LTD, but this is not my end goal. I will be a qualified clinical psychologist/coach. This layer can be used as social armour. We can get so caught up in titles, forgetting that we are so much more than a title.

  3. The phobic layer - this layer holds our deepest fears. These fears can be the reason we hide behind the role layer, because the role gives us a sense of value. I fear not being enough. I used to think that if I just keep being that CEO, I can hide away from being seen as me. No more Sis! I am starting to realise that I am me, before any external factors. 

  4. The Impasse Layer- This is the layer of growth and self-discovery. When we penetrate this layer, we begin to recognise our own greatness. This layer also connects us to our core. My second year of university enabled me to really understand who I am. I know growth comes from pain, I definitely felt that, but it didn't break me, Thank God. it made me stronger and a better me. (Don’t worry, a story time on that whole year is on the way Sis.) 

  5. The core layer - this layer represents our true emotions and real self that your best friend or parent gets to see. Oo girl, I found out some ugly truths about myself, but I am so grateful for this revelation, because self awareness leads to positive change. I am now in tune with layer 4 and 5 and am starting to truly feel free. 

So who am I?

I am Kheri-Ann Wiggins, a 21 year old woman, on a journey of self discovery, with God in front, to the side and behind me. I am all the good things and some of the bad. I am everything I aim/ want to be. I’m just me. 


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