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  • DG Membership - Connect

    A great starter plan for women (18-35) looking to connect with like-minded women.
    Free Plan
    • Access to the Dear Girls Community group on Whatsapp
    • Access to weekly encouragement and tips via Whatsapp
  • DG Membership - Connect Plus

    Every month
    This membership is for women 18-35 who want to connect whilst navigating their current season
    • Access To The Dear Girls Community Whatsapp Group
    • Premium Exclusive Discounts On All DG Events
    • 10% Discount - The Atelier Effect (facial treatments)
    • Six 1-1 Coaching Sessions With Kheri-Ann
    • Access to weekly encouragement and tips via Whatsapp
    • Access to personal development challenges
    • Premium Discounts On All DG Personal Development Resources
    • Access To The DG Virtual Collaborative Workspace (Zoom)
  • DG Book Club

    Every month
    A monthly reading club for women looking to become their best selves. Sign up for full details
    • A 1-hour Monthly Meet-Up To Discuss Our Revelations (London)
    • A reading schedule for each book
    • Access To An Exclusive Group (for weekly shares)
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