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Less Is More

So I applied again… and I still did not get the grant. Disappointment x2! 

(if you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you need to catch uppp : here 

We all learn lessons in different ways. Some of us have toughhhh ears. Nothing seems to get through. This was me .. well before now. Less is more. 

I know this may seem crazy, you're probably thinking “how can I do less? I’m a hustler babyyyy”. Who told you that a hustler has to run a 100m sprint every day, without training?

The aim is to be like Jennifer Ennis. Now she is a true hustler, look how many events she competes in, to a high standard. She sets a pace and is able to maintain it. 

Are you trying to reach your goals by running around with no clear direction in mind? As the wind blows your gaze shifts. You seem to be achieving, which is inevitable when you are working on something. However, what if you are slowing down your progress, due to lack of strategy? 

I challenge you.

Take one of your goals and make a step by step plan, giving each of your steps enough time for completion. Be honest with yourself. If a step needs 5 months, give it that. Once you have made the step plan, ensure that it is SMART - specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and againnnnn time bound. To take this a step further I want you to think about the barriers that exist, or could exist at each step. For example, if step 4 is to start buying the products you need, but you know money is tight, you need to start thinking from step 1 how you can raise funds, so that by stage 4 you are in a position to achieve the goal. 

We are all about eliminating barriers, whether physical or mental. A lot of us immediately think about physical barriers to success, such as being in the wrong location. We forget to focus our attention on the power of the mind. The mind also has the power to restrict us from that success. 

Did you know that 60% of your age group are stressed due to pressure to succeed. And we all know stress can lead to illness such as high blood pressure and heart attacks. 

We ain’t even tryna get to that stage Sis, which is why we have started a Wellbeing Mentorship Programme that focuses on your mindset and your goals, rather than just goals. 

The best part is that with our new ‘Pay What You Can’ scheme you can access the programme for a price that feels comfortable to you. 

With you being 70% more likely to reach your goals on this programme it’s a no brainer! 

Let’s backtrack together and practice ‘less is more’. 

We Love That Girl. That Girl Is You. 


Check out our mindset programme here:

Don't be afraid to invest in your mindset Sis x


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