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Dear God, I feel low....

Have you ever felt so low in spirit that you feel restless? No matter what you do you just feel off.

This is how I felt in Jamaica. I didnt feel God’s presence there like how I would feel his presence in my room. I literally felt like I was battling to save my sanity everyday. The environment was so far removed from peace, from Godliness.

  • I had to wonder why was I there?

  • Have I been sheltered from the real world, from the real state of mankind?

Jamaica made me realise that people are struggling and need God but would never think to turn to him. People drink away their sorrows and party till their weak, just to avoid the realities of their life. Maybe I was heartbroken to see how people lived from day to day. I’m still trying to understand why I felt how I felt.

To be totally honest I was shocked that being in the wrong environment could affect my mental space so much. My mum would say just tune it out and do you, but I can’t. I am a sponge I take in my environment and the environment eventually starts to shape my behaviour.

Don’t get me wrong though I loved my trip to Jamaica, this is just one aspect that troubled me whilst on holiday.


Today I want you to reflect on your environment using these questions:

  • How is your environment making you feel?

  • How is your environment shaping you?

  • Why have you been placed in your environment?

  • What can you learn from your environment?

Although you may feel lost in your environment or your mind, or your feelings, remember that you can be found by God, this feeling is only for a moment.

We Love That Girl. That Girl Is You.


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