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Dear Girls Purpose Driven
Membership Programme

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  • DG Membership - Connect

    A great starter plan for women (18-35) looking to connect with like-minded women.
    Free Plan
    • Access to the Dear Girls Community group on Whatsapp
    • Access to weekly encouragement and tips via Whatsapp

Find Out More About Each Feature Below

DG Community Whatsapp Group 

This is a community group filled with like-minded women who are a part of the Dear Girls membership programme. Within this group you'll receive weekly encouragement, take part in personal development challenges, receive tips and be able to organically connect with other women in the community.

Discounts On DG Events

Across the year we will have a range of events such as overnight stays, brunches, weekend retreats, workshops and social gatherings. As a members you will receive priority access to our events alongside an exlusive discount. On very special occasions you will get FREE access to our events. 

1-1 Coaching Sessions with Coach Kheri-Ann (6 in total) 

As a member you will gain access to 6 coaching sessions led by Kheri-Ann, the founder of Dear Girls LTD. During your first session you and Kheri-Ann will set a smart goal and create an action plan to SMASH that goal in your desired time frame. For the remaining 5 sessions you will start to work on BECOMING the version of yourself who will actualise your goals. If more sessions are needed you can book additional sessions. 

DG Virtual Collaborative Workspace

Need somewhere you can go to work on your projects? This could be university work, a new business idea, work work or anything else. Well, this virtual space is the spot for you. During these 1.5 hour sessions  you'll be able to bounce ideas off others, ask for advice, be held accountable as you work on your dream plans and connect with like-minded women who are also striving for greatness. 

These sessions will occur via Zoom once a month. 

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"I truly appreciate our sessions so much. It reminds me of how God is there and watching over us at all times. You are a great mentor, that one can ever wish for. I hope you continue to spread your love and time all over the world.

Tinevimbo - Mentee 

"Keep doing what your doing girl, it's very powerful. There are a lot of broken girls and women out there who need empowerment"


A few words can't express how glad I am to have met you. You came into my life at a point where I had no direction or purpose. You're encouraging words keep me going each day. 


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