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Ready for Mind Transformation? Introducing "Unleash Your Inner Power: A 4-Week Journey to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs."


Are you tired of feeling held back by self-doubt and limiting beliefs?

Do you yearn for a breakthrough in your personal growth journey?


This transformative eBook is your key to unlocking the extraordinary potential within you. Dive deep into the fascinating world of your subconscious mind, where we address the very roots of your self-limiting patterns. Feel the weight of doubt lift as we guide you through practical exercises, empowering you to reshape your mental blueprint.


Say goodbye to the shackles of past beliefs, and step boldly into 2024 with newfound confidence and a roadmap to claim the life you deserve.


Don't let another year pass by without tapping into your true power. Seize this opportunity now and embark on a journey of self-discovery that will redefine your future.


Your transformation starts here – let the "Unleash Your Inner Power" eBook be the solution you've been searching for.


This eBook incorporates scientific research on the mind and guides you through four week-long exercises.


Features of "Unleash Your Inner Power" eBook:

  • Comprehensive Understanding of Subconscious Mind:

    • Benefit: Gain profound insights into the workings of your subconscious mind, empowering you to navigate life with heightened self-awareness and purpose.


  • Practical Exercises for Personal Growth:

    • Benefit: Engage in hands-on activities designed to catalyze personal growth, ensuring you actively apply transformative concepts for tangible results.


  • Addressing Limiting Beliefs:

    • Benefit: Break free from self-imposed constraints, fostering a mindset shift that opens doors to previously unimagined possibilities.


  • Weekly Actionable Exercises:

    • Benefit: Receive step-by-step guidance with weekly exercises, providing a structured approach to your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


  • Understanding Core Beliefs:

  •  Benefit: Uncover and rewire deeply rooted beliefs, offering a foundation for lasting change in self-perception, worldview, and capabilities.


  • Emotional Control Strategies:

    • Benefit: Learn techniques to understand and regulate emotions, ensuring you respond to challenges with clarity and resilience.


  • Breaking Habitual Patterns:

    • Benefit: Overcome the resistance of the subconscious mind to change, enabling you to establish and reinforce positive habits effortlessly.


  • Manifestation and Goal Achievement Guidance:

    • Benefit: Align your conscious goals with subconscious beliefs, unlocking the synergy that propels you towards unprecedented success and fulfilment.


  • Incorporating Positive Affirmations:

    • Benefit: Harness the power of positive self-talk, cultivating confidence and self-belief essential for personal and professional advancement.


  • Utilizing Visualisation Techniques:

    • Benefit: Develop a vivid mental image of your desired outcomes, activating the subconscious mind's ability to shape reality in alignment with your aspirations.


  • Integration of Spiritual Principles:

    • Benefit: Embrace a holistic approach by acknowledging the divine power of God within you and aligning your journey with spiritual principles for profound transformation.


  • Guidance on Decree Method and Thank-You Technique:

    • Benefit: Leverage the power of affirmations and gratitude to propel your desires into reality, infusing your life with positivity and abundance.


This eBook isn't just a guide; it's a roadmap to unlocking your inner power, overcoming limitations, and creating a life filled with joy, abundance, and peace. Each feature is meticulously crafted to deliver real and transformative benefits, ensuring your journey towards personal growth is not only enlightening but also profoundly impactful.




Join us today! 


Note - this eBook is for all women 18+. However, the WhatsApp group is open to women 18-35 years old. If you do not fit within this age range you are still welcome to complete the Ebook and engage with us on Instagram. 

Mind Transformation | A 4-Week Journey To Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

£12.99 Regular Price
£6.99Sale Price
    • 43 pages 
    • 4 exercises lasting one month or more depending on the pace 
    • This Ebook can be completed within the Dear Girls Community Group or solo. 
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