Your Voice Is Important Sis!

Have you felt that your voice was only useful when interacting with others at work, university, school, or at

home? That it was only necessary at restaurants, meetings, and social media comment sections?

Did you ever think that your voice had a greater use, that it could create a bigger impact?

Growing up, I remember watching people speak on various platforms, whether it was behind pulpits,

at a lecture, or on TedTalks, educating or motivating crowds. I was amazed at how bold these people

were, to stand in front of a sea of onlooking faces, and I used to think I couldn’t speak like that. I

couldn’t use my voice like that. It wasn’t for me.

I’ve come to learn that using our voice doesn’t have to be just public speaking. There are many

vehicles we can use to express our thoughts and convey our message. We can use blogs, poetry,

podcasts, songs, quotes, commentary, business, craft, animations, and art. There are so many ways

we can express our voices. So many unique ways to suit the unique individuals we are.

You may think, ‘cool, I have a voice but I don’t have anything to say'.

The truth is you do. We all do.

Every individual has life experience. Experiences that can shape and transform how others view the

world. Experiences that people can learn from to make wiser choices and better decisions.

Experiences that enlighten people to the plight of others in the world. That broadens their

worldview and gives them insight into another’s perspective. These experiences help us to

empathise and to move to be a solution to a problem instead of a participator.

Your voice is the vehicle through which you can convey your inner thoughts and life experience.

Have you ever felt like you’re the only person going through a particular situation? That no one can

understand what you’re going through? Then someone, whether on social media or a close friend,

speaks on a similar situation and it brings you hope that you’re not alone in this world.

Their vulnerability brings you healing. Their voice brings you comfort.

I remember when I felt discouraged about a writing project. I felt like I’d forgotten my ‘why’ and I