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The Art Of Being Single -Devotional Day 5

Day 5 - What is your vision?

Have you ever taken time to think about your life vision, your purpose, your contribution to humanity, your future family, and you as a person? When you know the purpose for your life, it is much easier to reveal the person that has been lying dormant inside of you. Everyone has something that they can contribute to wider society. It doesn’t have to be singing or dancing. Supporting someone through whichever vehicle you can is one of the best things you can do, and can also help to reveal what you are passionate about. Even the atmosphere that surrounds you in smiles, body language, and kind words can save a life and influence other people, even inspire them.

Every being is constantly creating, our bodies are constantly creating, just think about the oxygen you breathe in and the carbon dioxide that comes out. You are a life force, and you have the power, the capability to do something, to change something, whether big or small. You just have to be willing, you just have to have courage. Many of us want to do great things straight away without realising that it’s the small, consistent things that will take us there. This season is your time to become self-aware and try many different things to see what you love and what you’re good at. Many are just going along with life to see where it takes them. But life isn’t taking you anywhere, you are literally making small choices and waiting for chances to fall on your lap like a shooting star. You are carrying a mass of untapped potential and undeveloped skills. It's like being a bird that has never used its wings. You will never know the heights you can reach.

There are people who know how to make a good soup and cook it for their neighbours when they’re ill. Some people will scoff at that because in their eyes it isn’t great. The truth is it’s just as great and as valuable as someone who is impacting many. It’s not just about numbers, it's about the act. Touching one person’s heart can change their life perspective, which will impact their family and the next generation. You may not see it in your lifetime, but the effect is profound.

What is your life vision? Are you crafting a boat, because you became determined to develop the skill (even though you thought you couldn’t!) to take yourself and others to see the beauty of the ocean, or are you paddling in the ocean, waiting for a current to take you somewhere?

You are the angel in Michelangelo’s marble statue, you are the seed waiting to flourish into that life-giving tree.

Don’t waste your singleness because it's valuable. Once you see its value, you’ll begin to increase your personal value. Don’t waste your talents or gifts, don’t bury them. Reveal them, use them, and challenge the thought that said, ‘You couldn’t’.


Written by Jennifer Enti - Assistant Content Creator for Dear Girls.


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