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The Art Of Being Single - Devotional Day 4

Day 4 - Do you Love You?

Love yourself has become a cliché phrase but the phrase remains true all the same. Pursuing self-love is of paramount importance. Why? Because self-love is the key to and foundation of flourishing relationships. Out of self-love comes boundaries, pure intentions towards others, heartfelt affection, appreciation for others, deep empathy, and compassion. When your self-love is filled to the brim, you can pour it into others. My understanding of self-love has come from God and his deep love for me as his daughter. From His words, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’, I now know that I can only love others to the degree that I love myself. When you fail to love yourself, you will look at other people as the validation puzzle pieces to fit into your broken holes.

So what is loving yourself?

  • Loving yourself is appreciating your God-given body through positive thoughts and acts of self-care. It’s being grateful for how it sustains and supports you. Your body is a biological miracle and should be treated as a temple.

  • Loving yourself is about stopping the degrading thoughts about yourself (I understand that we all have dark days), but the constant dragging of yourself is unhealthy. It only opens a black hole in your chest that cannot be filled. I can say that at one time in my life most of my thoughts about myself were negative, but after desiring change and making a consistent effort, I rarely think negatively about myself and it has boosted my confidence.

  • Loving yourself is taking into account what you feed your body and your mind. Will the things you eat, watch, and drink harm you over time? Do they allow your bodily organs and your mind to perform at their optimum?

  • Loving yourself is not constantly comparing yourself to others but learning to appreciate them for the individuals they are. You too are an amazing individual, most of us haven’t even given ourselves a chance. Give yourself a chance.

  • Loving yourself is taking time for yourself, to nourish and uplift yourself.

  • Loving yourself is allowing yourself to make mistakes (yes you made them), and forgiving yourself for them.

  • Loving yourself is nourishing your 4 health areas, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual

  • Loving yourself is being kind and patient with yourself. It’s seeing the best in you, in your capabilities, believing in yourself, and hoping for the best for your future.

  • Instead of searching for someone to love you, ask yourself ‘do you love you?’. If you don’t, why should you place an expectation on other people? Instead, learn to cultivate one of the most important relationships in your life, which is with yourself.

Tasks to complete:

  1. Have a self-care day.

  2. Start writing down your negative thoughts and change them into affirmations.

  3. Start taking note of what you feed your mind and body, and make healthy changes.

  4. Make some time to move your body, whether running, skipping, working out, or dancing.

  5. Make time to nourish your 4 health areas.

  6. Treat yourself every now and again to something nice e.g. wellbeing box.

  7. Take a look at your environment and see how you can make it more life-giving. Does it appeal to your five senses?

  8. Treat your body to massages, lingerie, oils, and relaxing baths.


Written by Jennifer Enti - Assistant Content Creator for Dear Girls.


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