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The Art Of Being Single Devotional Day 10

Day 10 - Change the narrative

Singleness is not something to fear or to hate. What makes singleness tough is the constant bombarding of overt and subliminal messages that we MUST be in a relationship to thrive, which simply isn’t true. When you were born, you were born with everything you needed inside of you. You are not less for not having a partner, even if your culture or society tells you otherwise. There are many people who love solitude, who enjoy non-romantic relationships, who have dedicated their lives to a cause. None of these people are lacking, it’s our understanding that is. It’s ok to desire relationships but not for it to be all-consuming to the point where we settle for relationships that are harmful or way below our standards. We should never be driven to lock ourselves into life-long contracts of misery to placate people’s opinions.

  • Recognise that singleness is just as great as a relationship

  • Understand the benefits of singleness, which is ‘you time’.

See some of the benefits below:

  • Singleness determines the quality of all your relationships

  • You have time to understand and explore who you are

  • You grow in self-love which is key to flourishing relationships

  • You learn that you are in control of your own happiness and are not looking for a person to be the source

  • You learn how to take care of yourself holistically so you can do that for future generations

  • You discover purpose and your life vision which determines your future

  • You grow in self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-respect

  • You are less likely to tolerate unhealthy relationships

  • You attract healthy people on your wavelength

  • You become emotionally mature

  • You increase in personal value

  • You learn to set boundaries

This list is not even the tip of all that you can experience during singleness. As you begin to appreciate and flourish in it, you’ll begin to discover more of its amazing benefits and you'll even add your own!


Written by Jennifer Enti - Assistant Content Creator for Dear Girls.


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