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If You Are A Well, Where Can You Spill Out?

Only certain quotes or questions can get me like .. wow, that’s deep. This was one of them. If you're the person that people always turn to for help, where do you turn? 

This might be a question that you have never asked yourself. I never asked myself before this point either. I guess I never had to, until it was brought to my attention. 

You know I like my little stories.. So here I go. 

I was sitting in my living room (true story guys) planning away as I do, and a message came to my phone. This message got me thinking it was an ex lol. It was a +44 number saying “Hey x”. I literally started tracing my mind, searching for who it could be and nothing made sense. Then the number called and the person hung up. I was a bit like urmm, okurrr. The person then messaged me in such a way that I knew this was a Dear Girls, related issue. I spent hours on the phone with this individual listening to them, and trying to gage the best way to help them. Whilst this was going on, although I did not realise it, I was taking on their negative, to create a positive.

This happens with all of us. Someone who is in a negative situation comes to you for help, (as they should), and their negative becomes a positive, by them offloading on you. When you think about it, this is amazing. However, that negative is still a negative somewhere, and that somewhere lies within you. So, do we just keep the negative, or transfer the negative onto other people? I guess this depends on who you are. Let’s say you're the person who buries the baggage of others, that negative starts to eat away at you, in ways you are not always aware of. 

Picture the image below representing this coneept🤔

I realised in the second year of University (which seems to be my tipping point), that to help others you need to offload and this does not necessarily have to be on another person. For me God is my person and prayer is my key. For you this may be different, but we all have to offload. Whether this is on paper, by speaking out in song. The forum is not the important factor here, the process is. 

Today I encourage you to spill out, in the best way for you, so that the dark hole above, does not reside in you . 

We Love That Girl. That Girl Is You. 


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